My name is Denis Mutie, a network marketer working with Global internet fortunes for 3 years now. 💯✅

🌱If not network marketing, I would be a highschool teacher somewhere training students how to pass exams in Mathematics and business.

🌱Thanks to Global Internet Fortunes I now teach adults how to make money instead of passing exams.

⭕Before GIF I was working in a poultry farm in Machakos County for 10k per month salary. I was also a 4th year student taking my last 2 units as I await graduation which took place in 2018 November 30th.

🌱Through GIF I’m now making 6 figures in a bad month. My lifestyle has changed, I’m always at the airport catching flights to visit different cities as I support my team and for vacations. I’m now driving my first car, a scarlet red Nissan Teana. 🔥..

⭕A big hands of applause to my Mentors in business who have supported me and to my team, the mighty mafias team for believing in yourselves and for your teamwork. We want to produce the team that has the most top earners and car achievers in this decade.

🌱 To all my leaders, I believe in you, now go and believe in yourself. 💯

⭕For those wishing to join us, my advice is DON’T DELAY because You will never go wrong when you invest in technology.

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