This short note is to those who think business is tough.

If you think business is tough, then, consider job.

If you think business is tough, then, you must be thinking there’s something easier, right?

But you see, nothing in the world is easy.

What actually is tough is getting business education.


Business is not tough; getting business education is the toughest thing.

Most Africans are too lazy to seek business education.

How on Earth do they ever wish to be successful in business?

An untrained soldier is not a soldier, is he?

Get trained. Study business. Read good business articles, tutorials and books. Attend good business training and before you know it, the war becomes a game.

Business is a game.

If you love soccer, golf or tennis, you should love business, but you can’t love the game you don’t know its rules, can you?

Business is a game, played for fantastic stakes, and you’re in competition with experts. If you want to win, you have to learn to be a master of the game.

Can you give birth without pregnancy? Can you go through pregnancy without pains? Or can you be pregnant today and give birth next 3 months?

The obvious answers to all the above questions is, NO.

It goes to teach you something serious;

Good things take time, persistence and endurance.

These days I meet people who like to be entrepreneurs (and trust me, I love such people). However, my excitement usually last a few minutes after meeting (or talking on phone) with most of these people.

You know why?

I observe that 19 out of 20 people want to be successful NOW, today.

This is like saying, “I need a child now. I’ll impregnate my wife tonight and she’ll give birth NEXT MONTH”

Sounds stupid? Most people’s thoughts are like that.

You may wish to impregnate your wife tonight and it will not happen until next nine months.

You may pray that you go through pregnancy without pain but it won’t happen.

In fact, if you pray that your wife gives birth after 3 months, it’s premature baby you’re asking for.

Good things take time, persistence and focus.

If you want it NOW, then you’re not ready to have it.

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