Your income can be supplemented by working online. Ajira Digital’s research indicates that 5% of Kenya’s adult population is employed online. As more Kenyans participate in the gig economy and the digital economy, the number will probably rise.

You have a lot of options for online employment, and you don’t need much to get started. You don’t need a lot of experience to take advantage of these chances. As you develop, you will need dedication, consistency, and a desire to learn. Even if the first few days could be difficult, things start to go more smoothly after that.

Everything you need to know about working online is included in this post, along with 10 online jobs for beginners in 2023.

10 Online Income Opportunities For Novices In Kenya

Online jobs are remote positions that let you work from home or any other location. Flexibility is the key benefit that these employment of this nature provide. You can find a choice that suits you with so many possibilities available.

Online job has become simpler in recent years, making it simpler for newcomers to get started. Anyone wishing to shift careers, break into a new industry, diversify their income, or start a business would find online work to be ideal.

You won’t need a lot of prior experience to get started as a novice. You can start with a variety of entry-level online jobs and advance as your competence grows. These are a few of

To Work As A Freelancer

An independent contractor that works for themselves and has special knowledge and abilities to sell online is a freelancer. Freelancers are frequently paid by the project, but depending on the service they provide, they may also be compensated by the hour.

You’ll have control over your career as a freelancer. You have the option of working full- or part-time. You will negotiate your contract, market yourself, and set your prices.

Freelancing is one of the greatest and simplest ways to generate money online due to the numerous chances it offers. For persons with various skill sets, there are many different kinds of occupations accessible.

Among the most well-known ones are site design, translator, SEO expert, photographer, videographer, and video editor. Simply put, if your skills can be digitized and you work as a freelancer, you can earn money.

Obtain Social Media Influencer Status
An influencer uses their social media following to promote and endorsing brands in order to monetize. Contrary to popular opinion, influencer status does not require tens of thousands of followers. While having more followers might increase your income, brands also consider other factors such as how dedicated and active your followers are as well as your storytelling style online.
You must have an audience and have a niche if you want to become an influencer. By doing this, you can draw fans who are enthusiastic about your material. Create material that demonstrates your knowledge and speaks to them from there.
If you enjoy traveling, for instance, post your travel-related stuff. Or, if you’re a techie, share information related to technology. If you are able to win the majority

Brands that support your content will take notice of you as the majority of your followers will respond to it. Additionally, you can approach and propose joint venture ideas.
You may also use social media to your advantage by developing a product or service and selling it straight to your audience. Your material can be made into money and hidden behind a paywall.

Three requirements to work online in Kenya
Prior to dipping your toes into the world of working online, you must first decide what you want to do. Do you want to work for yourself or for other people and businesses virtually?

Numerous online positions mirror traditional work. Working under pressure and reporting to a superior will be required. However, you’ll also be in charge of other tasks. Your tastes, abilities, and the opportunities that are open to you will all be determining factors.

To work online in Kenya, you will require the following three things:

Whatever career path you take, you must have skills—the more the better. Your present abilities can be capitalized on and digitalized.

Open a website affiliate business.
An online affiliate business entails online product/service promotion for a firm in exchange for a commission on each sale you help to make. Usually, the business will provide you with a trackable link so you can figure out how many individuals you helped persuade to buy anything.
Although starting an affiliate business might be profitable, it is very labor-intensive.
You should start by looking for an affiliate program. These are businesses who are eager to compensate you with a commission. It’s crucial that you pick businesses whose goods or services are in demand or that you are skilled at selling.
Finding customers is the most difficult task. To draw in customers who will buy from you, you’ll need to establish a strong web presence.

to draw viewers who will click the links you provide. Once you’ve determined who your target market is, you should produce material that will persuade them to click on your link and make a purchase.
The best method to achieve this is by creating a blog or YouTube channel, using social media, or participating in online forums. To increase sales, you might occasionally need to invest in marketing your affiliate link.
Ecommerce behemoths and direct selling firms are just a few of the greatest Kenyan sectors with effective affiliate programs.
Business of blogs and domains in the digital economy
Web hosting businesses
started a blog


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