You might have been born POOR but you were not meant to be poor.ALL you need to know is that there is power in POSITIVE thinking

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landing in kisumu for a business meeting

Our Country KENYA is full of opportunities,But you got to be hungry for success.People that are hungry are willing to do things that others are not willing to do so that they will have things that others don’t have….
They are always searching and seeking for higher grounds.As you do this you must expect people to talk negatively about you and what you do,rejection, discouragement and Challenges.
You will never get what you want in LIFE but what you are.Program yourself to success.Am not trying to be tough, am just telling you what you need to hear rather than what you want to hear. 

There are 4 types of people in the world

The 1st category is People with Lots of time but No money.These include fresh high school  leavers and fresh graduates from college and University who are not lucky to get a job

The 2 nd category are People with No Time and No Money.These are either university  students and people  in small jobs or business.if you try to invite  this people  for an event you get excuses  like I have a class, my boss will be around,I can’t close my business etc then if you happen  to ask them for financial  assistance  they usually  always  cry of brokenness.

3rd category are People  with No Time  and  with lots of Money.Mostly these are people  in executive jobs ie Politicians CEOs,Directors among others.Most of this people  are the first to report at their place of work and last to leave the office.Most of these people’s children  grow  up without  either the father or mother figure and end up getting spoilt  either by drug  abuse or Crime.

The last category  is people  with LOTS of TIME and MONEY. This is any man’s dream  that you get both time freedom and financial freedom. Meaning you can do anything  at anytime  without being restricted by  either of the factors. These are people  who have BIG BUSINESSES  ie  Big supermarkets,fleet of Matatus  etc.Successfull people  with TALENTS also fall under this category ie Musicians, Footballers  among others. In today’s  economy  the INTERNET  also has given people a chance to work online  and have both time and financial freedom.

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Meet this young  Kenyans who are living  their  dreams  working  online.Some of them are university  students  while others  left their well paying  jobs and businesses to join  Online Entrepreneurship.
As other university students are busy in hostels watching movies,sleeping around and waiting for the weekend to try their luck in sport pesa (betting) ,this gentlemen are busy working  online part time as affiliate  marketers  with an online  marketing program called  Global internet fortunes
GIF is a registered  company  that is offering online work opportunities  to the Kenyan  youths  who are ambitious  and with a passion  to achieving  their financial  freedom  using technology and Internet.

To work with the company you just need to be into internet and not necessarily your profession although it could be but people who play with either computers, laptops, tablets, iPads and smartphones as a hobby.
These are Kenya’s vibrant digital community, the young men, and women who are walking the road less traveled of self-employment and in the process defying stereotypes of what makes success.These are youths earning huge cash working online and are now enjoying luxurious lifestyle.Taking flights  to different  Vacations within  the country.YOU CAN ALSO JOIN GIF NOW AND START TAKING LUXURIOUS HOLIDAYS

100s of youths lifes have been  transformed  working  with GIF Below are some of the few individuals;

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Mr francis karanja from a job paying 10k monthy to fultime online business making a 6 figure income online.

GIF is a great opportunity that is allowing people in Kenya to become online entrepreneurs as proffessional affiliate marketers.Today More than 300 GIF  members are making over ksh40,000 monthly and over 100 members making ksh 30,000.

If you would also like to join GIF



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