Is Global Internet Fortunes (GIF) Legit or a scam

Are you wondering whether you should join Global Internet Fortunes. Are you also enquiring if it’s a legit company. Perfect! This article is just for you. We are going to unveil all about Global Internet Fortunes.

The rapid growth of online platforms claiming to offer money making programs in Kenya is very alarming. Most internet users are in the risk of being scammed  while others have already been defrauded. Later on it becomes very tough to convince a Kenyan who had been conned to invest on online opportunities.

Global Internet Fortunes is among the online ventures contending to offer unemployment remedies among the youths who are ready to work online.

Before we wrote this review we would like to  inform you that we only share the information that we have tried and found credit to our readers.

Our blog specifically focus on conveying transparent content that we have given a trial . Meaning that we heavily invest on reviews to ascertain that our readers get answers to their questions.

In our Global Internet Fortunes review, we invested our time, effort and funds in order to comprehend how their platform works, if it’s a legit company as well as the services that they offer.

Global Internet Fortunes commonly known as GIF is so common on social media like Facebook. If you haven’t met them this is how it appears when one of your friends on Facebook makes a post in his timeline .

IMG-20200403-WA0016Or even you when you meet a status on WhatsApp with such a snapshot. Now at least you have a notion of whom I am talking about.

Well, gratitude to the internet and more credits to Global Internet Fortunes for making an online business successful. From global internet fortunes, you don’t require a degree either. As long as you can read, write and interpret then you will be ready to skyrocket your capability.

It might seem outrageous when I tell you that I make money even while am still asleep, right? Then you will be asking yourself; ‘is this guy still dreaming’ or  ‘is he insane?’ Absolutely, it’s possible. Below Is Screenshot Sample Of My Personal Earnings.

Only when you are ready to work harder and strategically. When you follow my steps you will be ready to soar your online business to greater heights of success.

Before we venture into our main agenda let’s first know all about Global Internet Fortunes Who is  Global Internet Fortunes?


GIF is a web hosting and online marketing company that sells its services through the concept of Network Marketing. We sell digital services. GIF is a legitimate company that operates both locally and internationally.

With a great growth of the internet worldwide, then, an online opportunity was a fantastic choice.

The company is a domain registra and a web hosting company in Kenya. In the year 2020 we were awarded as best domain registra in Kenya by KENIC. screenshot_20210220_182004

What do we mean by a web hosting company? There are companies that provide all the technological services for a website to be online and running 24/7. It’s like when you have a business and rent a space where you will run  be running it.

Global Internet Fortunes also markets its services via digital platforms such as social media and blogs using the MLM structure. This makes it be called a network/online marketing company.


GIF is a legit company registered under the company’s Act. It is also accredited by the KENIC and Communication Authority of Kenya (CAK).


We Have 6 main physical offices In


Nairobi – commerce house, 4th floor room no. 9 along moi Avenue next to Kenya cinema. Nairobi CBD. This is our headquarters.

Nakuru – Baraka Plaza, 4th floor along kenyatta Avenue next to Equity Bank Nakuru Town. 

Eldoret– Safina Plaza, second floor office number S1. It’s located in between Hotel Comfy and MKU, Along Ronald Ngala street Eldoret Town. 

Kisumu – Gliders plaza, 2rd floor, Odera Street, Off Odinga Ondiga St Opposite Nyanza Woolen Shop. 

Mombasa – OLEMONANA HOUSE, 1st Floor. Its along Moi Avenue approximately 400 meters after tusks on your way to Docks. 

Kakamega – SHIVAS ARCADE 1st Floor, Kificho Rd, opposite Holden Mall. 

NB: If You Are Going To Get Started In Any Online Work Business In Kenya Today. Always Check On How Solid Is The Support System By The Company Once You Get Started? In Short Do They Have A Physical Accountable Head Office(s) For Supporting Its Members? Below Are The BIG 6 HEAD OFFICES for Our Online Work Platform NAIROBI, NAKURU, ELDORET, MOMBASA, KISUMU & KAKAMEGA. What’s Your Office Location I Book Or Re-Book A Chance For You To Work With Us? 

If you are near these cities, you can freely enquire about our services.


What GIF sells
  • Domain registration
  • Web hosting. Commonly known as gifwebhosting.
  • Online training.
  • Online Marketing
  • Affiliate programs.

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