Our brain is not designed to do things that are uncomfortable. The real nature of men would not want to be hurt. But, if there is no hurt or a determination to do the uncommon, we will never get to truly win.

Naturally, we are wired and designed to be protected, to do nice things and things that are not difficult. These are the things our brain wants and that is the reasons why it is so very uneasy to do things that could be beneficial to our life.

Our natural instinct is to hesitate and to feel cool in our comfort zone. This is natural but it will profit not.
What we will need to do, therefore, lies in our DECISION.

The outcome of our life comes down to our decisions.
Once you decide to change your decision, you will definitely change your life.

Your desire must be strong enough, stronger than the pains and heavier than the sacrifices.

Motivations, Inspirations and listening to the word of exhortation is recommended but it will lead to little or no change at all until you make the needed DECISION.
The decision you make is what change your situation and which will eventually change your position in the race of life.

What are you waiting for ?

Good Morning Everyone.

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