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A big part of being successful is knowing who to listen to. The majority of people who start a business listen to and allow themselves to be influenced by the wrong people. They put way too much emphasis on the opinions of their friends, family, neighbors, and random bloggers they find on the internet. And sadly, because most people in our society are programmed to be skeptical, timid, and afraid to take risks… And because most people are always looking for excuses to stay in their comfort zone, justify living small lives, and not playing big… If they see or hear anything that confirms their suspicions, feeds their skepticism, and allows them to justify quitting or not starting a business… They’ll take the easy road out and fold faster than Superman on laundry day. You see, success in business is not meant for those types of people. To be successful in business, sports, and most endeavors requires that you tune out the haters, doubters, and naysayers. It requires that you listen to the people who have what you want and have accomplished what you want to accomplish. Success in business requires hard work, dedication, and tough skin. Because you’re going to be moving, shaking, and getting things done, You’re going to have haters. Accept that. Dogs don’t bark at parked cars. You’re going to hear No’s and have to deal with rejection, lot of it. Nothing worth achieving comes easy and without adversity and opposition. In the beginning people, especially those closest to you, will doubt you, cause you to question your commitment, and may even make fun of you. That’s normal and to be expected. But do you know what else is normal and to be expected? If you ignore those voices, double down on your commitment, and laugh a the fact that (bless their souls) those people are just too ignorant to understand what you’re working on… It’s perfectly normal and to be expected that one day they’ll eventually be forced to eat their words when you prove them wrong and become massively successful, despite them. Some of them will apologize for ever having doubted you, others will deny they ever did, and some people will keep talking 💩 because they’re haters to their core and that’s all the know how to do. So now that you know what the journey to success is gonna look like and how it’s gonna play out. The question is, what are you going to do? If you’re okay knowing all of this and you choose to join or continue moving forward with whatever business you’re building or looking to join… Then you success in business might be for you… and coming soon. If you’re reading this and you think the pain of enduring criticism and opinions from ignorant people is to high of a price to pay… Then success in business and the money and time freedom that comes with it, might not be for you. And that’s okay. It’s not for everybody. Every thing isn’t for everybody. Just be sure that if it isn’t for you to be supportive of those who it is for. Show them love, be cool, and be a celebrator, not a hater. The last thing you want to do is be a hater or spread any toxic attitudes or opinions that you may have about money, business or success, towards anyone who is in the pursuit of any of those things. Because Number 1, it’s just ugly and makes you look ignorant and like a hater. And Number 2, if you’re wrong, when the person you’re hating on does end up succeeding after you played your hand and showed that you’re a hater… You won’t be invited to any of their Epic VIP Parties when they’re celebrating success and life with all their new baller friends. 😉 Your friend Francis

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