Nairobi Graduate Persuaded by Ksh 8 Million Offer in New Government Job


The fact that government positions are permanent and pensionable is their major benefit. When I was choosing universities, my father gave me this piece of advise.

I was now considering taking out a personal loan for Ksh8 million and a Ksh500,000 mobile loan. Would I buy a car or a house?

I don’t recall ever wanting to be a teacher when I was in elementary school. Despite having other aspirations, I fell in love with teaching in the last years of high school.

The greatest act of optimism is teaching. When you educate, you help some people get ready for life. You spread them. According to my principal, education itself is life.

Why then would I be the object of that? I desired to be the change-maker. I aspired to be that instructor who encourages you, pulls you forward, and pushes you to achieve more.

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