Ways To Become Rich In Kenya Without Stealing – Number 3 Will Shock You.

There is a huge difference between wanting to be rich, being rich and wealthy. As much as the words may mean similar things, there is a slight distinction between the two. This article is gonna help you understand that having dreams towards something in life is far from reality until we embark on the journey towards getting the dreams come to reality.

Dr Myles Mouniroe says that a poor man is a man without a dream and a frustrated man is whose dream has not come to reality.

I realized this was very true. If you do not have a goal in life, you will never get anything done. For instance if you just walk around without having a destination you want to reach, any road can lead you to anywhere and you may stop and start your journey back since you got to specific place you need to get to. As you read through this article, remember to start thinking about what your purpose is in this life. God has given us a purpose to live for not just live.

Someone once said –  If you woke up without a goal, go back to sleep. This may help you get a reason to wake up.

We all wish to have both financial and time freedom. Financial Freedom could be defined as the ability to acquire anything money can buy at any time we need it without looking at the impact on our bank accounts – Are you there yet? I heard you say NO. Time Freedom is being able to do anything we would want to do without looking at how it will affect our incomes. I guess if I asked if you are there yet, the answer could still be the same. If that is the case, I need you to answer this question and keep the answer for me.

If you said YES, after how long will you get to your dreams and will you wait until then? If you said NO, what are you doing about it?

I am certain that you agree with me that working for 40 hours a week for 40 years will not bring us to financial and time freedom. Let’s have a look at some other options that can help us get to our dreams faster than the 40×40 plan.

1. Look For Executive JOBs.

These are the jobs everyone has at one time wished to be in. Examples include: being the President, Chief Justice, Ambassador, CEO Safaricom, CEO Kenya Airways, CEO Equity Bank, CEO Kenya Bureau of Standards. One gets a huge pay cheque doing so little but the ones under them do almost everything. As much as they are admirable, the chances of getting one are very slim that we have no one thinking about them as jobs. In a country of 45 Million citizens, we can only have one President and  one CEO at a time. Will you get a chance!

2. Start a Conventional Business.

This is a kind of business which is widely spread through branches for instance owning a chain of hotels, schools, restaurants,supermarkets, matatu sacco, real estate agents and brokers among others.  It is easy to say that this is a successful business form but let’s consider a few factors like investment, time to recover the investment, risk of collapsing, getting the right stuff to perform maximumly and competition.

Using Tuskys and Nakumatt supermarkets as examples, can we afford the amount of investment? Do we have a stable market? Can we concede the competition in the market? A NO to all of the questions leads us to another option.

3. Inheritance of Property From Parents.

You may have wealthy parents who are financially responsible to take care of all your needs. Thanks to God for the gift. Enjoy the good things they buy for you but remember that you are not guaranteed of when to control your family wealth. You ain’t alone as a child in that family and maybe, you don’t have control over your parents’ will.

What will hurt you the most is that you can only inherit after your parents pass on to glory! Will you sit there waiting for when your parent will die so that you can become wealthy?

4. Be An Expert In Betting Games.

This is the quickest way one has ever become a Millionaire. As I mentioned earlier, If you are going nowhere, any road can lead you there. We have all seen and heard of people who won Millions of shillings in betting games but my question is – What happens to them afterwards? If you know anyone who won the lottery and is still a Millionaire after 6 months, kindly provide me with the information I feature his/her story on this site.

It has never happened and it will never happen. It won’t lead us to what we are looking for which is financial and time freedom since we have to follow up with all matches to raise our chances of winning. It all depends on LUCK. As you struggle trying to win the lottery, remember that one person has to lose for another to win the. The millions you see people win are just collections of losers’ money.

5. Engage in Corruption and Office Malpractice.

It sounds weird to you that I mentioned this as a way to get rich but looking at the recent past where a government official slept with Ksh 4,568 and woke up to get she was a Millionaire. Don’t you think she was among the millionaires of the nation to the extend of lending Ksh 60 Million to  a friend without security, guarantor or any form of agreement to how the money was to be paid back to her.

Are  you ready to spend the rest of your life in jail? Do you have enough time to spend answering questions about how you became rich? Personally, am not ready so I won’t engage in any Scandal. It leads you nowhere. You may lose everything including rightfully owned property with assumption you have never worked for your wealth.

This can also include robbery. People rob banks and become millionaires overnight. Since they still have dreams to achieve, they try another luck and that is how they get bullets removed from their bodies at the mortuary.

6. Nurture Your Talent and Passion

If youeare a talented person in some sports like soccer, athletic sports, swimming, golf and other games, you have a a chance to get rich from it. It will be of much help to you to get to the higher levels but ask yourself this, how many Christiano Ronaldo, Messi and other great sports people have you heard of since you were born and can you be that good? Music and dancing, fashion and beauty contests are also a good platform to make money but still, are yousas good as the world class stars!

7. Be An Investor In Big Businesses.

Let’s talk about investments like a chain of supermarkets for instance Tuskys, Nakumatt, Naivas, a chain of busses like Easy coach, The guardian Angel, double M among others like Bidco companies, textile industries. Do you have such kind of money to invest in an opportunity that will take you over ten years to give you any tangible results? Are you patient enough to wait that long?

Having looked at the several options we got, I still feel we have not gotten to our dreams yet. I have an option am using an I have a lot of belief that it is the only way for ordinary people like you and I to make extraordinary incomes the rightful way while touching someone’s life along the way.

I have been in the industry for a while now and if the CS Ministry of Education – Dr Matiang’i had to get a new subject in our curriculum, then I would suggest NETWORK MARKETING BUSINESS as the only road map to our dreams. You may have been in it before, you are in it now, just heard of it or you are hearing it for the first time – just know that in whatever category you are in, you are better placed than someone who has no idea what it is and may not get to this article.

The naysayers of the business model will tell you how it doesn’t work but they forget to tell you about how dedicated people change the 40×40 plan  to a 2-5 year plan. Just like anything else on this universe, there are two sides of the business. All that matters is what you are looking for from the opportunity.

To help you understand how it works, just WhatsApp me via 0725216639

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