Why business is booming in Kenya-Tanzania border town of Namanga


Booming business at the Namanga border town between Kenya and Tanziania has been partly attributed to peaceful coexistence among the locals.This is in sharp contrast to conflict ridden border areas in the East African region where trade and movement of people has been constrained.

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“The Maasai from both sides of the Tanzania and Kenya border have been living in peace for generations,” said Mr Keria ole Mandina, a local trader and chairperson of a business and trade association at Namanga, during the launch of a peace caravan across the East African Community (EAC) region.The harmonious relations have not only boosted cross border trade between the local people but also between Tanzania and Kenya at large.The caravan, targeting the locals living along the borders of Kenya, Uganda and South Sudan, aims to enhance peaceful co-existence and regional cooperation.

The seven-day exercise has been organized by the African Union (AU) under its ‘Silencing the Guns by 2032’ programme and the EAC secretariat.

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