This is why your job should not stop you from having a side hustle If you do not believe in being mediocre or average then you are definitely in the right place. You should not survive from cheque to cheque because it is wrong to assume that your current situation will last forever, even if you think that your job is secure. We should all strive to achieve the best versions of ourselves and because of that.Here are 5 reasons why you need a side hustle. 1. Make more money Who does not want an extra shilling in their pocket? You can finally get that expensive bag you have always wanted, buy drinks for your boys or invest without worrying about using the rent or transport money. 2. Focus on your passion The great thing about a side hustle, is that you can do what you have always wanted to do, and make money out of it. Be it, blogging, painting, photography, or better yet you can discover something that you love because life has so much to offer. What starts with no income can lead to big income if you are pursuing something you are passionate about. 3. Learn additional skills Your side hustle can create a great learning platform to acquire more skills which can add more value to your resume. You can never have enough experience. Watch your side hustle help you climb up your career ladder. 4. Time management Imagine having a 9-to-5 job, and going back home in the evening to work on your side hustle. Being able to balance this gives you time management skills which is important since it also applies to other aspects in your life including relationships, family and friendships. 5. Having a Plan B You know what is happening today, but you may not know what will happen tomorrow. So what if you lose your job? What if you receive a massive pay cut that is unavoidable? Your side hustle is able to cushion you in case of anything, so that you do not fall on the ground completely.For online work Whatsapp 0725216639

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